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P. Frapin & Cie


Cognac develops its unique character from the local earth, which possesses its own fragrance and flavor. This is a love story between man and the earth, a voyage to the heart of the senses, a voyage to the ends of the earth... a leisurely stroll through local vineyards. Nature’s beauty and generosity. Wood burning in the hearth. a beautiful sojourn in the divine region of Charente. a rare expression of extraordinary sensuality and authenticity. a perfume Called Frapin. Over the centuries, the Frapin family has been perpetuating a tradition of excellence from its country domain, the Château de Fontpinot, located in the heart of the “Grande Champagne” region. Their cognacs and perfumes have become a symbol of luxury and of the exceptional quality of french culture. One hundred-year old rituals form the secret of their distillation process, which when combined with clever marriages of fragrances, are the essence of the Frapin’s highly sophisticated and artisinal work.


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