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Joy by Jean Patou Perfumed Body Cream 200ml

In 1930, the legendary Joy was introduced by French couturier Jean Patou with great fanfare. Joy's dominant ingredients are jasmine and Bulgarian rose, two of the world's rarest and most expensive essences. Lavish quantities of the delicate jasmine and elegant rose are woven into a rich tapestry of more than a hundred essences, resulting in a scent that remains true to Jean Patou's vision.
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Joy is timeless; it remains a strong, dynamic floral essence with an unmistakable stamp of wealth, breeding, and confidence. Though many clients, especially rich American women, were bankrupted by the 1929 stock market crash, Jean Patou exorcised the Depression by launching Joy.Designed as carefully as a Haute Couture dress, magnificent and timeless, Joy gathers extremely rare flowers in a unique concentration : 10,600 flowers of jasmine and 28 dozen roses compose the heart of a single ounce of Joy! And this is why Jean Patou joked that Joy would be "the costliest perfume in the world". The irresistible wake of a generous armful of two exceptional raw materials, May rose and Grasse jasmine, matched only by ylang-ylang and tuberose. Magnificent and heady.

TOP NOTES: Aldehydes, Peach, Leafy Green

HEART NOTES: Rose, Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, Tuberose

BASE NOTES: Sandal, Musk, Civet


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